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Rodney Charles Wedner

First Vice President of Lightbearers Ministries Inc, from 1996 to 2010.

With The Lord

May 26,1952 – May 18, 2017

Gregarious. Fun loving. Opinionated. Compassionate. Genuine. Practical. Wise. A man of God.

So many words come to mind when describing the man who helped us for over a dozen years as a key member of our leadership team. RC was a big man with a heart of love for everyone he met. Almost everyone who ever met him, I am sure, has an ‘RC story.’ As for me…I have a pocketful!

One involved a single light bulb, a white shirt, and the dark Kenya countryside at night.

RC and I had gone to survey a potential site for a ministry home in the Mt. Kenya section of the country. Being ministers, of course we were invited to preach. The setting was in a barn like structure, with RC standing under a single light bulb, wearing a white shirt, in the Kenya evening. As he began to preach, hundreds of flies and other insects converged on that single light bulb, and that white shirt. Soon, he was covered with insects, some large and crawling! To the amazement of all, he calmly continued to preach until he was done. Then he calmly walked to the door. As soon as he out of sight of the crowd, he sprinted out into the pasture, tearing off his shirt as he went, and slapping wildly at the bugs! It was a sight to behold…and one we laughed about for years!

In our talks over the last couple of years, RC talked about how, if he didn’t live, would the message for the Church that was burning in his heart, how would that word live? I believe, and his dear wife Sheila agreed, that the great burning issue in his heart was the house church. You see, RC pastored an incredible house church in his home with Sheila. I couldn’t wait for Friday nights at the Wedner’s. Maybe it was the Schwan’s ice cream, or how the Spirit of God would fall so deeply as we prayed and worshiped, but the Wedner’s house was the place to be on Friday night. You knew you would be loved!

RC said, “Christianity is all about relationships.” First with our Father God, our beautiful Lord, and the Holy Spirit, then with each other, in a family, as equal partner brothers and sisters.

When the Spirit of God began to move on us to plant house churches all over the fruited plain, RC had already left the board of Lightbearers. But I believe his legacy lives on in the work we are planting all across the USA. When I told RC about it last year, even in his weakened state he was thrilled, and offered to help in any way he could. Just his encouragement was the biggest help to me!

Thank you, God for RC’s life, and thank you, RC. See you soon bro!