schools of ministry

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. John 14:12 NKJV

John 14:12 is a promise to every believer who desires to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since the inception of the Lightbearers Schools of Ministry program in 2001, many schools have completed our two year program, with some moving on to the four year program. This was previous to the implementation of the six month program in 2016. The students spend their class time learning and developing their gift ministries while learning to walk by the Spirit of God. In the two and four year programs, every trimester ends with students going out into their communities and applying what they have learned. There have been reports of prostitutes being delivered/healed of AIDS, war zone areas protected, and people being healed with some even raised from the dead! This is all because of students taking what is taught and applying it to their lives as well as their communities. The six month program is preferred by many schools, while some desire to go further with the expanded programs. Our Schools of Ministry are taught by indigenous leaders.

The responsibility of the International Director is one of an administrator and a mentor, to encourage, pray with directors/teachers, provide books and much encouragement. At the end of a school’s term, a transcript and diploma are provided to each student who has completed the credit hours required. We are very proud of our students who many times suffer through wars, persecution, drought and heavy rains to complete their courses. We are praying for the schools of ministry to continue to move throughout Africa, Europe and the nations.

CLICK HERE to view a map that indicates schools that have been reported to the International Director as currently running.


Below are some of their testimonies and photos.

1. Mikison Masautso Phiri
I thank God for the school of theology that I participated because through it I have learnt many things.
  • I have realized the gifts that I have and I see them operating in me.
  • The authority of a believer course has completely transformed my life. I cast out demons like never before.
  • My understanding of the word has completely changed. I have realized that in the past I used to interpret the Bible in a wrong way but now I am able to teach sound doctrine.

2. Fades Yelemia
I have harvested a lot from this school of theology
  • The first thing that I have benefitted from this School is the healing in my own body. I have been suffering for a long time but through this School I have been completely healed.
  • My prayer life has completely changed. I heavily speak in tongues now and I feel the power flowing over my body as I speak in Tongues.
  • I am now able to hear God speaking to me of which in the past I was just hearing from other people that God speaks to them.

3. Isaac Sakaike
I really appreciate very much for this school of theology mainly for the wonderful lessons I have learnt:
  • It has given me knowledge of how I can minister to the world for people to come to Jesus Christ.
  • It has also helped me to discover the spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy, word of knowledge and gifts of working of miracles. I operate in the prophetic almost everywhere I go. At first I was thinking that prophecy is for few selective individuals but now I have fully understood that everyone can prophesy.
  • My Church is growing weekly through the spiritual gifts of healing and prophecy. May God bless you with a longer life for bringing school to us.

4. Innocent Soza
Am one of the students who have benefited a lot from the school.
  • This school has greatly benefited me in such a way that I am now able to preach and teach the gospel of our Lord Jesus with boldness. People are able to notice boldness in me when I minister.
  • I have realized the gifts of the Holy Spirit like healing and working of miracles. Demons are now in trouble. I drive out demons in most of my open air meetings. Thanks very much for the powerful materials that you have put in this course. May God bless you for bringing the School to us.

5. Lemezio Leonard
I thank God because through this school I have learnt a lot:
  • I learnt about the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as the gift of healing in me and now I have a testimony that once I lay hands on a sick person, that person gets healed.
  • Through the same teaching of Holy Spirit, I encounter the presences of Holy Spirit in my life every day and now am a changed person. I do go to preach and teach the gospel without fear. God bless you for offering the School to us.

6. Benson Chidangwe
Am very happy with this school of theology because I have known a lot of this to mention a few;
  • I have learnt a lot about the word of God of which I was not able to understand on my own.
  • The knowledge that I have now will help me to preach and rescue a lot and bringing the multitude of people to Jesus Christ. As I am writing this testimony, my Church is growing daily. Late comers now find no place to sit during Sunday services since there has been a sudden growth through signs and wonders that are following me.
  • I have also learnt more about the Holy Spirit and having authority.

7. Limbikan Phiri
I just want to thank God for this school of theology because the lessons they gave us helped me a lot.
  • At first I was ignorant about the gifts of the spirit but now I have realized that I have a gifts of preaching, healing and prophecy.
  • It was very difficult for me to handle the church but through this school I have been fully equipped that I am able to run the Church.
  • I go out to minister to people prophetically.

8. Joseph Kilioni
Thanks to God for this school because I have a testimony of what has happen to me
  • I was ignorant for the word of God and I could not manage to preach the word now am happy because I do
  • The gifts that I have realize are prophecy and healing
  • I have learnt how to maintain the vision of my ministry and my marriage
  • Lastly I just want to thank God for apostle to make a link with American school of theology I like it God bless you.

9. Zephania Shaibu
The School has taught me many things but just to mention a few;
  • I have come across the gift of prophecy and I am able to prophesy.
  • I have been taught about the importance of having a vision as a leader. Now I have a clear vision for my life and ministry and I am able to see myself accomplishing the vision God has given me.

10. Jonathan Nyirenda
I thank God through this school of theology because it has helped my life a lot.
  • I can now teach and preach with boldness because I am now filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • I can now pray in tongues for more than two hours daily.
  • I am able to discern the presence of demons and I cast them out.

11. Phinias Chimombo
I thank God for this school of theology which has empowered me with the knowledge I had been dreaming to have. My hunger how I could operate in the supernatural and the coming of the School has been the answer to my prayer. I now live a supernatural life.

First of all, Apostle Stewart prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit after he had taught us who the Holy Spirit is and why we need him today. As he laid hands on me, the first thing I remember is that my body got paralyzed like an electric shock then later I found myself on the floor speaking in tongues uncontrollably. After that incidence, I knew I was no longer the same. From there I began looking for the sick and whenever I could lay hands on the sick, I could see healing taking. I now enjoy preaching and praying for people since I am able to see things happening.

12. Robert Mwalilino
I hereby testify that this School of Theology has helped me a lot in all areas of my life
  • It has helped me living a life of servant hood
  • Through this School I am now able to see God using me in a prophetic way almost daily.
  • I can now preach and teach within the bible context.
  • I have learnt another key to supernatural living which is praying in tongues. I now pray in tongues more than two hours daily.
  • My ethical moral life has been completely changed through this School.

13. Esau Yakobo
To take part in a school of theology has benefited me a lot
  • The teaching of holy spirit and it’s fruits has helped me to know that am a preacher and now I do preach with boldness
  • I can see the continuity of my ministry and my vision to come to pass through what I have learnt
  • People now bring those who are sick and afflicted with demons daily to my house and God is healing them as I pray for them.

14. James Tchesulani
I have a good news through this school of theology of what has happen to me:
  • I have benefited how I can teach and preach
  • I learnt that giving is very vital
  • I have a gift of church planting and I have already planted three during my studies in this school.
  • I have been encouraged to go for the sinners and preach to them and make them son and daughters of the kingdom of God.
  • Gifts of healing and prophetic are now manifesting in me in a mighty way such that I see God healing the sick weekly.
  • I really thank God for the way Apostle Stewart has been demonstrating to us whatever he was teaching us. I could prophesy and work miracles in our presence. I felt that I can as well do it and I am now doing it in Jesus name.

15. Numeri Jeremiah
From School of theology that I participated the following are some of the things that I have benefited:
  • How to resolve conflicts when they arise in the church
  • How to walk in signs and wonders
  • I now know to plant a church
  • I know how the Holy Spirit works and manifests in our lives.

16. Lemekezan Yakobo
Am very grateful that I participated in this school of theology because my life and my ministry have completely been transformed.
  • The first benefit is that I have realized my gifts like preaching, teaching and healing.
  • I have all the courage to preach and teach the people to testify about our Lord Jesus despite of their status. I really thank God for this school of theology.

17. Moses Munthali
It has been a great breakthrough for me to have gone through this Diploma course which has radically transformed my ministry. I frequently find myself prophesying even without my knowledge. Every Sunday I find myself prophesying to Church members and all the prophecies seem to be very accurate. When I lay hands upon the sick, I see them getting healed. My spiritual gifts through the course that I went through have been activated and I am now confident enough that God wants to use me. May God bless you for bringing the School of Ministry to us.