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Update Report - 3rd Quarter


Lots of good things going on…


In our eighth year of house church outreach, the doors have opened up to join Henry Hon in two conferences in September in the UK to promote house church ministry and our schools. Henry’s ministry is called One Body Life. We met in 2021 in California. I invited him to speak at our House Church Roundtable in May of 2022 in Nashville, and his teaching of the one body in Christ blessed us all. With Joe Jones, Gunnar Falk and a growing number of others our ministry with our sister New Ground Ministries is developing house churches both here in the USA and other parts of the world, notably east Africa and Pakistan, and now the UK.


Our schools of ministry have grown hugely. With over three hundred schools in twenty plus countries, Reggie, Helene and Rosemarie are hard pressed to keep up. In Kenya we had 1470 students graduate from 48 schools in July. These schools are serious business! Students register, must meet school attendance schedules, take and pass tests and receive grades on all of 13 basic courses in the six-month school. We also have a two-year and a four-year program. I’ve always loved the teaching ministry, and when we first went to east Africa almost thirty years ago, we saw the teaching ministry in the Church was truly deficient. This led to us teaming up with Dr. Jack Tuls to plant schools all over Africa, and now in many other countries as well. With Dr. Tuls having gone to be with the Lord, we have accepted the mantle to plant schools all over the world, Lord willing.


Our intern teacher training course, which has blessed hundreds of students, and consequently the thousands that they have taught, will be coming back online this fall. The six-month training will be refreshed with now a video teaching of the Holy Spirit Seminar. A few folks have already expressed interest in the program even before we advertise it. I’m excited to get it back up and running because of the great need for trained teachers of the gifts and the tremendous blessing it brings in signs and wonders wherever it is practiced.


Our seventh Holy Spirit Encounter will be conducted in Jinja Uganda in October as we pull in about forty school directors from east Africa, and some key leaders from other places including the USA, France, Ghana and Benin. In the HSE we take a whole week to meet with God. The days are filled with prayer, reading the Word, practical training in the gifts and sweet fellowship. The participants learn the gifts of the Spirit in real ‘live spiritual fire’ training. Several of the students have raised the dead after the training, and many miracles have occurred. We are working to develop a manual to make the Holy Spirit Encounter, the whole concept, training and schedule available to anyone anywhere.


A brand-new three-week discipleship training course will come out this fall. A shortened, less intense training than what we do for teachers, it will enable any believer who commits themselves fully to grow up in Christ and walk in the power of God.


We need three full-time staff positions fully funded - administrative assistant, media outreach director and international director of our schools of ministry. Right now, they are part-time, but we need them full-time. We pay $27.50 per hour, and we need 375 more hours per month funded to get them to full forty-hour weeks. The potential to bless thousands and thousands of people around the world depends on our capacity to handle that work. Please pray into this need and give as you are led!

Your prayers, love and financial support make all this possible. Thank you!

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