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Dear Ones,

The Lord bless you!

It is such a joy to write to you! On December 6th I entered my TERUWAH year, my jubilee – the shout, the voice of war and rejoicing – year of ministry. Officially, Lightbearers began twenty-five years ago but I began ministering shortly after Jerry and Debbie prayed for me to get filled with the Holy Spirit, a night, in 1971, that changed my life forever.

Throughout the years, people have always stood by me to enable the work that I was doing. It started when I went to Bible college and asked thirty people to stand by me for ten dollars a month so that I could pay my fees. All thirty did, and I graduated with no debt, bless God forever. When we started Lightbearers, we trusted God that folks would come alongside and support us if we pleased Him. For twenty-five years you, and He, have been so faithful!

Today I’m asking, on behalf of all the folks we work with around the world and here in the USA, that you support us again with a year end gift before January 1st. You can easily donate below and it will be credited before the deadline. We are so excited about 2021 and beyond with house churches and schools being planted and flourishing, ministry homes being built to take us to future generations, and so many miracles to come. Thank you for being so vital of a part of it!

Thank you for your gift to Lightbearers!

Love to all! KRP