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Dear Lightbearers Ministries Intercessors, Givers, and Partners:

I want to first thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a great ministry! Thank you for trusting God and investing into a ministry that is seeking after the heart of God.

Bringing God back to America is such a need and important reality. It has been a great privilege this year to be mentored by Kevin Porter and to be partnering together in the USA outreaches. The work of pioneering is not an easy trail to blaze. Cutting through thickets of religion and thistles of false doctrines we have navigated across America seeking men or women of peace to establish home churches (where two or more are gathered in His name). We have found and seen the goodness of God. We have seen countless lives transformed. But we have also been transformed as we are pioneering our way across America!

Our transformations started in Jacksonville, Florida. Being unaware of where we were at and dining at a restaurant that way exceeded our budget and then God telling me later that the people who could have changed the city were dining in the same area but I could not see them for I was focused on my problem with money. I walked away from that trip realizing that the elite and the leaders of our country also need to be saved. It is easy to preach the gospel to those who we think are lesser than us and yet the elite and our leaders are also in need of God and Salvation.

In Southern California, in meeting up with Hamilton Filmalter, we realized that the message of the gospel is so important. That we introduced people to Jesus Christ and the cross of salvation and getting them filled with the Holy Spirit, we had a paradigm shift to preach the gospel in its fullness.

In Virginia, we found that we had to be ready to be surrounded by the leaders of not only our nation but of cities. Having the privilege to eat in the Army Navy Club in Washington DC ingrained into us the importance of reaching a city from the top down and from the bottom up for the Kingdom of God.

In St. Louis, we realized the importance of really listening to who the Holy Spirit is sending us to, and where to go. Sitting at the gateway to the west (The Arch) we realized how important the mission was of bringing back America’s core value that we are a nation under God.

In Michigan, we found ourselves in a dying city that had lost hope and is being consumed by an Islamic idea. Yet hope arises in going and preaching the gospel to the Muslims. We also realizing that many Christian organizations have lost hope in working together. The answer to our problem is in preaching the gospel and starting home churches.

In San Francisco, we realized we still have to go to the disenfranchised people, the black sheep. God’s not dead. God is alive, Jesus is still King and the church does not go to San Francisco to die. When I heard the words that the church goes to San Francisco to die, I was so grieved to hear a youth pastor say this. I could not help but think of …

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. Luke 6:38

If we saints are not willing to press in and start claiming and having dominion in our prayers for these cities, and I know many saints are, then how would we expect them to have revival?

We are not asking for the cities to be fixed. But we are asking to have the revelation of salvation so a city can be saved. San Francisco was the hardest ground I have personally ever plowed. I did not know that you can be so buried into looking at yourself and not others that they could not receive. I ask that the saints pray for the key of revelation to speak into the heart of San Francisco so it can be saved.

We ended this year in Seattle, Washington and, boy, can I say what a breath of fresh air it was! We began our trips this year with a storm that created tons of damage and we ended with a storm that left very minimal damage. Washington State University was filled with life, we were able to preach the gospel, we were able to engage the students face to face and every contact that we made there either blessed us or vice versa, we blessed them.

Ending our trip and visiting our friends Darrell and Mathlyn Lemari from the Marshall Islands and their church (who used to attend Jesus Pursuit Church but now started their second church) was an honor. Kevin and I had the privilege and honor to go preach, and speak, and watch Jesus show up. We watched His Holy Spirit come and fill numerous people (ages 5 and up).

God is alive and God is moving! What an honor and privilege it has been this year to serve my master Jesus Christ and be co-partnered with Lightbearers Ministries. I hope that all those who are associated to Lightbearers Ministries can rally around the pioneering and the establishing of home churches and the preaching of the gospel to the major cities of America, for all the Glory and the Honor and the Power is to Him who sits on high, our King our Savior Jesus Christ.

A servant in the Lord Jesus Christ, Carl Madison