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Dear One,

The Lord bless you!

Today is the last chance to sow into Lightbearers for 2020! Our ministry and work impacts thousands of lives both here and around the world! So, great fruit is set aside for your account as you sow into this work. Let me be very blunt – In the USA so many of our institutions that have been rock steady for generations have now been compromised, so it falls upon the Church to rise up and be the hope of a better tomorrow for all Americans, and for all the nations of the world. I think you could argue that this has always been the case, but today, more so than ever!

We are working on eight different programs – eight being the number of a new beginning – our schools of ministry, house churches, the media, my writings, Holy Spirit Encounters, our Uganda Anglican Church project, our online teacher trainings, and ministry homes to bring light, life and wholeness to dear ones across the fruited plain, and around the world. Your gifts make this all possible!

Please give today if you can…to make a better tomorrow for all!

Love to all! KRP