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Dear Ones,

The Lord bless you!


It’s a great time to talk about plans for 2020 and beyond. My fervent prayer daily is that Lightbearers becomes a multigenerational ministry with our house churches, schools of ministry and teaching and training in the gifts of the Spirit. It’s never been about one man, except that someone had to start it. It’s about the Lord equipping His people to walk in power to help bring in a multibillion member harvest. It’s about equipping the saints for the work of ministry, building up the body of Christ into the fulness of the new man.

In 2020, we will have our first ministry home, Lord willing. By 2030 we will have nine homes around the country to serve the house churches and distinct geographical areas around the world, by His grace.

In 2020, we will renovate the intern online training program into two tracks – a learners track and a teacher development track, and release it in English, French and Spanish.

In 2020, we will continue to plant house churches all over the country but with an emphasis on the I-5 corridor from Vancouver Canada to San Diego.

In 2020, our schools of ministry will continue to flourish across Africa, Haiti and India, and begin to grow and dominate across the dark continent of Europe.

In 2020, we are doing a new thing that we are very excited about, our Holy Spirit Encounter Weeks. The first is scheduled for March 22-28, here in Albany OR. Lord willing there will be more. We have already done three of these Encounters in Kabale, Uganda with the blind seeing, the lame walking and lives changed forever (you know what that means!). Since God is not an African, we expect the same results here!

We are reorganizing our ministry right now to the end that in 3-5 years we as a Board can be put out to pasture and a whole new generation of young Lightbearers can take this work and run with it. Your gifts – right here on GIVING TUESDAY! – help make this vision possible. I see us – all of us, team members, intercessors, and ministries of liberality, I.e. sowers – as being used by the Lord to help catalyze the greatest move of God in terms of numbers that history has ever seen!

Thank You for walking with us!

Love to all! KRP