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Dear Ones,

The Lord bless you!

Please try this for a moment! Imagine a world where the ministry of healing is so effective that hospitals routinely send patients they can’t help to house churches and Christian ministries for healing. Imagine a world where EVERY born again one is so knowledgeable of the Word of God and the gifts of the Spirit that they live in prosperity, abundance and fullness of joy and satisfaction, regardless of what country they live in! How about a world where born again ones are held in greater esteem than sports stars, entertainment figures and politicians? This is possible, and this is the vision of Lightbearers!

Today I asking you to use the DONATE button at the bottom of this page and sow into this vision!

A few months ago I was fasting and praying over our schools of ministry. I asked the Lord to give us schools in every nation of Africa and Europe. He said, Why not every nation, period? This month in Uganda, in spite of the lockdowns we are graduating 257 students from our schools of ministry there. Next month in Ghana we will graduate 32 from our two year school program. Zambia graduated 150 just a few months back. We have perhaps 60-70 schools in twenty or more countries where the students are being filled and learning to walk in the power of God. The Lord wants these schools to flourish in every nation!

Can you sow into that today?

Wherever we plant schools of ministry we will continue to plant house churches, including all across the USA. We are informally working with a growing body of house church leaders across the fruited plain to  enable every born again to be equipped in the power of God and to enrich every community. We expect one thousand house churches in every nation in the next five to ten years. This is doable, and we are working diligently to see it come to pass!

As you pray and seek the Lord about how to respond, please print this out and pray with us for these things. With your help we will see the manifestation of them come to pass!

Thanks for your gift on GIVING TUESDAY!

Love to all! KRP